UK launches new audience measurement currency: PAMCo

The Published Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo) has today (April 19th) released the industry’s new audience measurement currency, PAMCo – Audience Measurement for Publishers, offering publishers and advertisers access to the very latest in transparent audience measurement. 

The new data currency, which has been in intensive development in consultation with the industry, will for the first time, allow users to look at audience delivery across ALL publisher platforms – phone, tablet, desktop and print. This utility unlocks the huge audiences consuming publisher content on phone and tablet devices (which were not previously visible on the NRS) and opens up many new opportunities to plan and trade the audiences drawn to the content produced by UK publishers. The published media industry is the first medium to be able to measure audiences across all platforms.

The PAMCo data uses the very latest passive measurement techniques, together with 35,000 high-quality face-to-face interviews, giving a single, de-duplicated view of publishers’ audiences across all content platforms. PAMCo now also has the capacity and flexibility to respond to the evolution of published content, accommodating new titles and multiple platforms, enabling it to keep pace with digital developments and changing consumer habits.

“Having one single de-duplicated view across all platforms has been top of our wish list for many years and PAMCo has delivered this to the benefit of publishers, their media agencies and advertising customers,” said Paul Bainsfair, director general of industry body, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

Jan Gooding, Chair of PAMCo commented: “With data use and measurement coming under increasing scrutiny, PAMCo delivers a world-class audience measurement currency which is transparent and trustworthy. This new, joint industry currency (JIC) replaces NRS which was no longer fit for purpose in a digital world where the way readers consume their media is changing at an incredible pace. The new data offers greater visibility and accountability to both publishers and advertisers, giving the industry renewed confidence in its advertising trading currency.”

Simon Redican, CEO of PAMCo pointed to the continued ubiquity of published content, with 91% of consumers viewing publisher content across all platforms, “what’s really interesting is that, against expectation, reach of publisher content among young audiences is high, with 93% of 15-34 year olds viewing published content each month. We are confident that PAMCo will reveal further insights as users explore the data”, he added.

Time Inc. UK CEO, Marcus Rich added: “Agencies have long sought to access our brands and audiences across all of our platforms with one single buy – PAMCo data now provides them with a robust rationale to justify inclusion of all publisher platforms to their clients to the benefit of all.”

PAMCo is funded by UK publishers represented by the Newspaper Marketing Association (NMA) and the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) together with the agency customer body, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA). PAMCo also has board representation from the incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA).

Phil Smith, director general of ISBA commented: “At a time of strong advertiser demand for independent, joined-up measurement of commercial audiences, ISBA welcomes the UK publisher industry’s commitment to investing in a new industry currency which gives advertisers confidence in the scale of the audiences they are buying and the environments in which their ads appear.”

 More information from Magnetic, the marketing agency for consumer magazine media in the UK.


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