WoodWing announces availability of Content Station 10

WoodWing will host a webinar that explains the advantages of the new version on 15 September (registration information can be found here).

The industry’s migration away from Flash represents a significant trend. It’s a response to security issues, device dependencies, limited usability and the fact that browsers are moving away from Flash. This trend led to WoodWing´s decision to re-create its editorial management application Content Station using the latest HTML5. Content Station 10 emphasises optimal usability and minimising data traffic. As a result, Content Station 10 offers a consumer-grade user experience along with excellent performance.

Navigation in Content Station is easy, since users can utilise the environment they are most familiar with: their web browser. They can also use common browser features such as bookmarks, tabs and history.

New workflow opportunities

Content Station 10 is responsive and displays perfectly, even on the iPad. Offering the same functionality on the iPad as on the desktop, the new version provides publishers with new opportunities to define workflows. Editors on the move or external contributors using an iPad can create dossiers for projects, upload text and images, write articles and sign off on content – just as if they were at their desk.

“Publishers strive for ever-increasing efficiency of their processes and better ROI from the systems they use. They want to work smarter and faster, and they want future-proof technology that imposes no limits,” said Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “Feedback from beta users assured us that Content Station 10 meets all these requirements and that we are on the right track.”

Easy migration and deployment 

The previous version of Content Station and Content Station 10 can be used in parallel seamlessly. Customers can implement Content Station 10 step by step, according to their individual requirements. Since the new version is browser-based, there is no need to install software on individual machines. WoodWing will provide bi-weekly updates and will continuously add new features to Content Station 10. Customers with a valid maintenance agreement will get the new version and the ongoing updates at no charge.

Webinar on 15 September

More information can be found at www.woodwing.com/en/multichannel-publishing and in WoodWing’s product blog. In a introductory webinar on September 15, WoodWing will explain and demo how newspaper publishers, magazine publishers as well as textbook and corporate publishers can benefit from the new version of Content Station 10. The registration for this webinar is available here.

WoodWing is a member of FIPP.

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