WoodWing introduces WoodWing Cloud – a centralised content hub for publishers

The highly scalable solution hosts a wide range of applications for producing and managing digital and print content as well as for digital asset management and analytics. With this new offering, WoodWing addresses such essential requirements of magazine and newspaper publishers as the support of the latest channels, efficient distributed collaboration; easier distribution and sharing of content; and improving the return on investment in content.

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The new multitenant digital asset management server instance of WoodWing Elvis DAM forms the backbone of WoodWing Cloud, an innovative one-stop solution for cloud-based managed content (click to enlarge).

It is the dilemma of the publishing industry – publishers worldwide need to cope with high economic pressure while addressing the need to offer their media brands in print, Web, on tablets and smartphones, as well as in social media. To ensure efficiency across channels, many of them are looking to technology, and some publishers are very successful in this endeavour.

With the WoodWing Cloud, magazine and newspaper publishers now can utilise a cloud-based solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing and analytics. As a single source of managed content and digital assets, the solution can scale to meet the growing needs of any kind or size of business. WoodWing Cloud enables easy collaboration with external contributors worldwide, supporting global publishers and content producers to share their content with confidence and ease.

Wide range of hosted applications, with Elvis DAM as backbone

The WoodWing Cloud hosts a wide range of applications. The new Elvis DAM multitenant digital asset management server instance forms the backbone of the platform, enabling users to easily upload, manage and share their digital assets as well as to reuse them across applications inside and outside the WoodWing Cloud.

WoodWing Elvis DAM provides efficient management of unlimited file stocks. It allows digital assets to be integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications as well as with workflow publishing solutions such as WoodWing Enterprise. Users can also bring their digital assets to business applications for CRM, PIM, WCM, and more, significantly increasing the ROI of their content. Elvis DAM will continue to be available also for on-premise installation.

With WoodWing Inception, publishers can create structured, media-neutral HTML5 content for immersive story telling leveraging an article-based approach. The content can be easily published via channels like the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), and later Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles and more.

In addition, Inception will fully interact with WoodWing’s multichannel publishing system Enterprise – the on-premise application, used by many leading publishers worldwide, integrates the creation and production of content for print, Web, tablet, mobile and social media within one efficient workflow.

Publishers running WoodWing Enterprise as a private cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can connect their Enterprise instance with the WoodWing Cloud, enabling them to exploit the high potential of the integrated environment in terms of creativity and efficiency, and to include WoodWing Inception into their workflows.

WoodWing Cloud also comprises Enterprise Analytics, enabling publishers to have an unparalleled view into the effectiveness of their processes in Enterprise, so that they can immediately observe the progress of their content creation at any time and from any location.

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