DIS countdown: 16 letters of the English alphabet at DIS 2017

Standard registration is available until 16 March, after which prices increase with €200 for late registrations. Register here if you haven’t yet.

DIS 10th anniversary logo ()

Delegates from the following countries will be there (making up 16 letters of the English alphabet):

A: Argentina, Austria, and Azerbaijan

B: Belgium

C: Canada, China, and the Czech Republic

D: Denmark

F: Finland

G: Germany, and Greece

I: India, Indonesia, Israel, and Italy

J: Japan

L: Luxembourg

M: Mexico

N: Netherlands and Norway

P: Poland and Portugal

R: Russia

S: Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

T: Turkey

U: United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA

See the agenda here, speakers here and list of sponsors here. Read interviews with some of our speakers here and/or visit innovators-summit.com for more reasons on why you should attend, including networking and social opportunities.

We hope to see you there!

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