Chart of the week: Which online video ads are playing all the way through?

Play-through impressions from all devices showed growth, according to a report by Extreme Reach. Connected TV, which comes closest to traditional TV, is on the forefront, with 94 per cent of videos playing all the way through. The TV sets that are connected to the internet make up 18 per cent of all relevant impressions.

Looking at the numbers for desktop devices – that still serve the most impressions (35 per cent) – year-over-year VCR growth is slow, growing just two percentage points to a still solid 68 percent completion rate. The tablet’s share of impressions has gone down by 10 percentage points but the completion rate showed a lot of growth (20 percentage points). Mobile has gained in impression share, closing in on desktops, and has shown good growth in completion rate too.


Chart 15 Aug ()



Download the chart here.

Data source: Extreme Reach

Chart source: Statista

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