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Pete Wootton, Dennis: Diversifying revenues, the BuyaCar story…

Vince Errico, Trusted Media Brands: Digital media strategies for special interest brands

Michael Brunt, The Economist: Building subscription revenue

Geoff Ramsey, eMarketer: Building a pure-play B2B subscription model from the ground up

Antonnella Mei-Pochtler, Boston Consulting Group: Next gen operating models for tomorrow’s media

Piotr Zmelonek, Polityka: Publishing in turbulent times

Kathleen Saxton, The Lighthouse Company: Characteristics of transformational leadership

Andreas Finborud, Aftenposten, Schibsted: Putting print at the heart of innovation

Chris Kerwin, BBC Worldwide UK: Building record-breaking audiences and revenues

Jens Henneberg, BonnierPublications: Monetising special interest content, effectively

Jacqie Loch, St. Joseph’s Media: Ad-revenue models for a new world

Larry Sommers, Meredith: New revenue streams for the new world

Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader: Advertising deep-dive

Stefanie Eichiner, UPM: What publishers can learn from UPM’s innovation in paper

Christian Kallenberg, We Like Mags: The power of ‘touch & feel’ in a world of ‘swipe & scroll’

Leonie May, Woodwing: Strategies to help you thrive in challenging times

Dominik Grau, Ebner Media Group: How to build a content-to-commerce play

Steven Flynn, Skytango: If drones are in your future…

Liam Duffy, Vindicia: Where to next with digital payments and diversification?

Jon Watts, MTM: Where to next with digital payments and diversification?

Bård Farstad, eZ Systems: Agility and experimentation for a successful subscription businesses

Dieter Reichert, Censhare: From doomsday to a new day – a blueprint for future publisher success

Nick Tinker, CrowdCompass: The future of event experiences, engagement and reach


Day 2 

Julia Jäkel, Gruner + Jahr: Magazine media in 2020

Ross Sleight, Somo: The consumer of the future

Josh Macht, Harvard Business Review: Future trends for publishers

Alexander Broch, Axel Springer: How to capitalise on a megatrend

Jesper Laursen, Native Advertising Institute: Top native advertising trends in magazine media

Carla Faria, The Foundry: Building native advertising that audiences trust

Deepak Lamba, Worldwide Media: Finding audiences through brand campaigns

Megan Murphy, Bloomberg Businessweek: Why Bloomberg Media put Businessweek at the heart of its media strategy

Linda Thomas Brooks, MPA: The enduring power of magazine media

Ellen Mayer, Hearken: Unleashing the power of 360° audience engagement to build your journalism brand

Nick Blunden, The Business of Fashion: From blog to international media business

Jenny Tsai, Wearisma and Lillian Betty, Time Inc. UK: The power of influencers

Rui (Yuri) Ou, Linkup China: What user innovation on WeChat can teach publishers

Joanna Abeyie, Hyden Talent: How diversity contributes to business success

Jennifer Dunleavy and Richard Thomas, Time Inc. UK: Live the passion


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