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A list of all the stories from DIS 2017 in Berlin

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Here is a list of stories from Day 1 and Day 2 sessions at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2017 in Berlin published on, in one place.

Also watch out for session videos and interviews, as well as speaker presentation slides (where made available), that we will upload to in coming days.

See the photo stream here.

Download speaker presentations (so far made available) here.

See the videos of sessions here.

DAY 1:

John Wilpers showcases top trends included in new FIPP Innovation World Report

Quartz’s Jay Lauf: Focus on human beings, not just technology 

How Wolters Kluwer reaches and converts the right audience

How The New York Times brings the audience inside

Video strategies for a visual world – AJ+ and AwesomenessTV 

Voice is the next major disruption in computing – Amazon exec 

Media and marketing in a connected world

Lessons for developing multiple revenue stream models

How VCs think about tech investment

How news media brands are innovating in content creation and delivery 

Audience engagement: why a platform-appropriate content strategy is crucial

Millennials and mobile prodigies: lessons on ad engagement with Verve’s Ian James

How to develop a personal brand

DIS Innovation oath ()

John Wilpers, Innovation Media Consulting senior US director and author of FIPP's annual Innovation in Magazine Media World Report, makes the DIS audience stand up, raise their right hand and promise to start practicing innovation from the first day back in the office.

DAY 2:

Vivendi CEO highlights ‘five big opportunities for publishers 

How chatbots are going to change the world and media landscape

The battle for attention in a digital world (incl. video)

Platforms as mass media, magazines as niche media, and ‘why you should not outsource your future’

How VR, 3D will make journalism more immersive (plus what’s coming next)

Monetising content - from distribution to subscription 

Building and engaging communities without relying solely on social

How the media is tackling the issue of fake news

Winning with digital innovation, with Kommunal Rapport and City Magazine 

Re-thinking content for engaging audiences in a connected world 

Creating immersive experiences for luxury brands

Innovating to survive: magazine media in Latin America and Spain

Seven reasons to consider automated journalism, and how to get started

Developing space for creativity to thrive and move business forward

How and why the home page should be part of publishers’ distributed content strategies

Don't forget:

Download the speaker presentation slides (where available).

See the videos of speaker presentations.

Check out the photos.

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  • Magazine brands shopping into the future with visual search

    Consumer-facing publishers may soon be adding visual search to their e-commerce offerings, if visual search takes off. Outlined by Jenny Griffiths, founder and CEO of Snap Tech, at the Digital Innovator’s Summit in Berlin March 20, technologies like Snap Tech may change the way the world shops, which would be especially valuable for publishers.

    20th Mar 2018 Features
  • Deep dive: Subscription models… If you build it, will they come?

    With countless publishing brands battling to maintain cash-flow and build a solid business model, many are pinning their hopes on building subscription businesses. During this week’s Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) in Berlin the topic proved to be a recurring theme.

    20th Mar 2018 Features
  • Deep dive: The shift from quantity to quality - two examples from tech based publishers

    Throughout DIS 2018 representatives of companies from across the globe have taken to the stage to share their insights about how they are growing their businesses. For the mid morning segment on the second day, execs from two tech based companies, both of whom have a very strong print heritage, explained how they had adapted their business models and where they are likely to venture to in the future. They both constantly referenced premium quality content as being at the core of their strategy.

    20th Mar 2018 Features
  • How voice-activated devices create opportunities for publishers

    As voice-activated devices and services become more ubiquitous, new opportunities are opening up for publishers to reach users. On day two of the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, Alexander Bregman, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google EMEA, explained how the combination of Google Assistant and the rise of smart speakers could lead to great partnerships with publishers in the very near future.

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