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Be inspired: digital media innovation from the corners of the world

They came from Argentina, Canada and China. From Denmark, Finland and France. They joined from Germany, Hong Kong and India. And from Ireland, Kenya and Luxembourg. Some travelled from the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Serbia. Others from Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. And many from the UK and USA.

These were the countries of business and other leaders who spoke at DIS in Berlin in recent years, inspiring 600+ people such as you – people tasked with making the future of media – with their stories of digital media innovation from their corners of the world.

What better investment then, than to join us in Berlin in 2020 for an intensive two days of cutting-edge digital media innovations. Innovations which, like them or loathe them, impact or have the potential to impact the future of your businesses and brands. 

Our launch offer for DIS2020, taking place on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 March, is available until next Wednesday, 2 October. Save a whopping €800/ticket by signing up before then.


Register Here to Save €800


Be inspired.

Join us in Berlin in March.


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