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How to successfully manage a radical revolution

The editors of the new Innovation in Magazine Media World Report offer a treasure trove of solutions to editorial and sales challenges in their opening chapter. 

According to John Wilpers, senior director and Juan Señor, senior partner of Innovation Media Consulting: "Our organisations do not look or act sufficiently differently than they did when we were print-based, or maybe doing print and basic web work."

How can they now be expected to conceive of and create content and sell marketing solutions for tech platforms they barely know?"

That’s the down side.

Lego reorganisation - Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 (FIPP)

The up side is that the opportunity is still there for the taking. People still trust and value our brands. But time is running out.

If we wait much longer, even more of our former advertisers will be creating their own content and their own marketing campaigns, and our more nimble digital native competitors will have figured out how to steal our readers and advertisers.

So we must move fast and furiously. 

Download the full editors' note

The 8th Innovation Report's how to chapters include:

 - Thirteen ways to optimise your monetisation with magazine media

- How to measure chatbot success 

- Ten rules of mobile content

- Eight tips for B2B publishers looking into ecommerce

- Eight ways newsletters can deliver

- How to avoid failing at restructuring

- Virtual reality vs 360 video 

Get the new Innovation Report

The Innovation Report is written for FIPP by John Wilpers, senior director of Innovation Media Consulting, a global consultancy helping publishers succeed in the digital age. 

John and Innovation director Juan Señor edit the book and are available to present the case studies included in the report to your teams at your companies or to regional media associations.    

Cartoon John Wilpers & Juan Senor - Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 World Report (blank border) (FIPP)

John and Juan will also drill down into the Innovation case studies at the FIPP World Congress taking place in London, 9-11 October 2017. Registration is open here.

The digital format is FREE to all FIPP members. For more information about inviting the Innovation authors to present these case studies to your company, special prices for bulk orders or how to get your FIPP member free digital copy, contact Helen Bland.

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