Proof Of Performance supporting materials

Did you know that, in addition to downloading the research handbook Proof of Performance (POP), FIPP’s website now provides access to a great deal of additional supporting material? All of which, like downloading POP itself, is free.

Proof of Performance: Making the case for magazine media shows how magazine advertising works in print and on digital platforms. Written by FIPP research consultant Guy Consterdine, it cites evidence from 110 research studies from 23 countries across the globe.

POP is a valuable resource for publishing company staff and everyone involved in planning, buying, selling or evaluating marketing campaigns. It can be used to promote the strengths of magazines and to reach agencies and advertisers with critical information about the value of advertising in magazine media. In addition to the free digital edition, POP can also be ordered as a printed book.
The additional supporting material, to be found at, consists of:

Powerpoint presentations – slides for you to edit, copy and drop into your own presentations:
•    01: The powerful relationship between readers and their favourite magazines
•    02: Tablets and magazine engagement
•    03: Impact of ads in digital formats
•    04: Cross-media comparison
•    05: Tips on magazine media
•    01-05: The whole story of Proof of Performance: Making the case for magazine media

POP chapters
The chapters in ‘Proof of Performance: Making the case for magazine media’ are:
1.  Consumers’ use of print
2.  Impact of advertisements in print
3.  Creative formats for print advertising
4.  Consumers’ use of magazine digital formats
5.  Impact of advertisements in digital formats
6.    Comparing magazines and other media
7.  Campaign effectiveness: magazine media on their own
8.  Campaign effectiveness: magazines in multi-media campaigns
     A.  Magazines’ effect on the consumer journey
     B.  Magazines’ impact on sales in multi-media campaigns
9.  Using econometric models to assess media effectiveness

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