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  • Capitalising on the 'content + community + commerce' trifecta

    Back in 2014, Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trend Report carried the theme of “re-imagining” throughout her presentation - from messaging and communications to services and money. When she spoke about re-imagining verticals, she shared how more and more companies are adopting an internet trifecta where success is defined as a combination of a critical mass of content + community + commerce.  

    Published 19 July 2019 Opinion
  • What Aller Media learnt from implementing a personalised subscription strategy

    Algorithms to personalise a subscription strategy for Dagbladet, one of Norway’s largest newspapers, “didn’t need to be black magic”, explained Christoph Schmitz, product developer at Aller Media, during the recent FIPP Insider event in Amsterdam. That said, they had to first wade through their share of mistakes and problems before finding “simple” solutions.  

    Published 22 November 2018 Features
  • How DriveTribe has found gold dust in engagement

    In less than two years the global automotive online community platform, DriveTribe has grown into a thriving social ecosystem with one of the most engaged audiences on the planet. Monetising from engagement, and not scale, was the next logical step, explains DriveTribe CEO Jonathan Morris.

    Published 06 November 2018 Features
  • MPA releases Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report for August 2018

    The August 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report shows that total audience has reached 1.8 billion, up +1.5 per cent versus August 2017 for the 112 magazine brands in the analysis.

    Published 11 October 2018 Insight News
  • Engagement matters!

    Lately I’ve read a number of articles about newsrooms working with companies to grow engagement with readers by including audiences in the creation process. One article in particular caught my attention because it took a devil’s advocate stance on the issue stating, rather forcefully, that there was no proof that engagement leads to any tangible value and that people who believe it does are basing their opinion on gut instincts, not fact.

    Published 05 October 2018 Opinion
  • Cross-media measurement systems - it’s a matter of trust

    An initiative in The Netherlands to develop an advanced, independent and cross-media audience measurement system incorporating the viewing, reading and listening of/to media and advertising across all platforms, represents a growing global trend among publishers who want to win back trust, both from audiences and commercial partners.

    Published 23 July 2018 Insight News
  • Hearst UK launches new digital metric to demonstrate content engagement quality for commercial partners

    Hearst UK has launched a new metric to demonstrate the engagement quality of digital branded content for its commercial partners.

    Published 09 July 2018 Insight News
  • MPA releases May 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report

    MPA – the association of magazine media in the US released the May 2018 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report.  Total audience remains strong, up +1.4 per cent versus May 2017 for the 117 magazine brands in the analysis, indicating powerful consumer demand.

    Published 03 July 2018 Insight News
  • The Netherlands to initiate a new cross-media audience measurement

    On July 2, the organisations involved in media research in the Netherlands jointly issued a Request for Proposal (RfP) for the design and execution of a new media audience measurement. This survey will bring together "viewing", "reading" and "listening" of/to media and advertising via all the available channels, both online and offline. Research agencies are asked to submit their proposals. The initiators aim to make a decision this autumn.

    Published 02 July 2018 Insight News
  • How Woman's Day connects with their 20-million strong female audience

    Pivot to your readers: it's the key to revitalisation, readership and revenue for Hearst's Woman's Day magazine. Susan Spencer, Woman's Day editor-in-chief since 2012, explained that the 80-year-old publication has been doing that since day one. 

    Published 30 April 2018 Features
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