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  • How Canada's The Logic news startup is banking on the shift to reader revenue

    A new Canadian news startup is banking on the shift to reader revenue, and filling a void in the country's news ecosystem by offering subscribers a handful of high-quality features each week. It is modelled after Silicon Valley's The Information; think Axios meets The Financial Times.

    Published 02 July 2018 Features
  • The circle of life

    Is my six-year-old nephew smarter than the media industry? It’s a ridiculous and somewhat surprising question to be asking myself after a weekend playing in Battersea Park and watching the Lion King with my little nephews. The question you are probably asking yourself is am I the modern-day version of Simba’s uncle, Scar – by inflicting such an emotional rollercoaster of a film on such young children?

    Published 29 June 2018 Opinion
  • How Tiso Blackstar is tapping into reader revenues

    South Africa's largest national English language publishing group, Tiso Blackstar, is committed to revolutionising the way its business and news titles will monetise from reader revenues. New digital-only products are part of the strategy, says Lisa MacLeod, group head of digital.

    Published 14 June 2018 Features
  • Media Voices podcast: Paywall special

    In this bumper episode, the team discusses the rise of the paywall. As everyone from Vanity Fair to the New Statesman have decided to launch paywalls, the Media Voices team try to determine whether there is a recipe for paywall success, taking in everything from the need for brand recognition, the propensity for people to pay, and the likely outcomes of the trend towards reader revenue.

    Published 14 May 2018 Insight News
  • [Video] Juan Señor: Reader revenue, not new technology, will be the salvation of journalism

    "Technology, virtual reality, gadgets, widgets, events, ecommerce, is really not going to be the salvation of publishing. We need to get back to reader revenue," says Juan Señor, president of Innovation Media Consulting

    Published 10 May 2018 Features
  • Milan and Madrid will be the next FIPP Insider destinations - join us this June

    FIPP will be in Milan on 26 June and Madrid on 28 June as we continue with our FIPP Insider half-day event series.

    Published 09 May 2018 FIPP News
  • A new way to new revenue for publishers

    Tired of trying to grow digital ad sales? You've hired a "digital" salesperson. You've created packages that bundle print and digital. You've restructured commission plans. You've shot more videos and created more email newsletters. It's exhausting and the results aren't always there. There is a better way. You can break the cycle and thrive in the digital environment.

    Published 24 April 2018 Opinion
  • When advertising goes… DIS focus on alternative revenue streams

    With both the dream of monetising reach and the digital advertising model going up in smoke for publishers, several speakers at this year’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin turned their focus to alternative revenue streams. Apart from subscription models, ecommerce received special attention.

    Published 16 April 2018 Features
  • Cosmopolitan Russia launches CosmoShop

    Cosmopolitan, a member of the Union of publishers of Russia (GIPP), launched its CosmoShop project – an online shopping service under the its glossy brand in Russia. The first project of its kind in the Russian media market, it creates a new trend in the region's ecommerce landscape.

    Published 03 April 2018 Launches
  • Three steps to leveraging the data swamp: turn data overwhelm into revenue control

    Good reporting is the life blood of any effective organisation. Clean data, clear reporting insight and right strategy are points on a continuum to maximum revenue. But today reporting has evolved to a swamp of endless possibilities, and not exactly a clear one. Add the fact that everyone uses different metrics and the frustration is complete.

    Published 02 March 2018 Opinion
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